We are delighted to be celebrating 10 years of service!

We are delighted to be celebrating 10 years of service.

IWORK4ME knows that self-employment can be the ideal career solution for autistic people. We have ten years’ track record in helping move forward abstract business ideas to become business reality!

Since 2012 our business mentors have regularly engaged with autistic people to identify aspirations, options for and skills relevant to the launch of viable micro-enterprises.

85% of autistic adults never succeed in holding down full-time employment. The stigma experienced can result in family conflict, a complete withdrawal from society and heavy reliance on state benefits.

As businesses are launched and clients realise their potential, they report that they:

  • enjoy increased financial independence
  • learn and employ new life skills
  • experience a sense of personal growth, fulfilment and reduced social isolation
  • begin to live well, more happily and enjoy improved mental health through successfully building their own future
  • experience increased sense of self-worth
  • build resilience and become active contributors to their communities
  • and believe they enhance society through exposure of their unique talents, skills and viewpoints.

What our clients say…

I have struggled for years to find employment, and have only ever managed to find temporary jobs and very few of these. It was only after a late diagnosis of Aspergers that I realised why this was. IWORK4ME is the only organisation that has been willing to work with me over the long-term, giving me the support and encouragement that I need to regain my confidence and move forward.

Alex of Beacon Genealogy

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