About us

IWORK4ME believes that self employment is an appropriate occupational outcome for many autistic people who might not have considered this as a possibility.

Furthermore, we seek to develop the understanding of what makes good practice and innovation in supported self employment.

IWORK4ME is set up for the benefit of autistic adults who require additional support to become self employed.

The charity’s support services are available to adults in Scotland.  To make an appointment, or for further information about our service, please contact bryce@iwork4me.org.uk

Advice and information is made available to anyone with an interest in supported self employment.

The objectives of the charity are:

  • Information and advice services.To provide a range of direct services which support self-employment.
  • To provide systems of on-going support after the business has been established.
  • To facilitate a network of autistic people who are self-employed.
  • To contribute to the knowledge base of good practice in supported self-employment.
  • To be a voice for supported self-employment in Scotland.
  • To raise awareness of the possibility and advantages of self-employment for autistic people.
  • To raise funds to achieve these activities.

Introduction to IWORK4ME services

IWORK4ME provides a unique service to autistic adults who wish to consider turning a skill, hobby or interest into a business micro-enterprise.  For more information on our services please download our IWORK4ME Introduction PDF.