Coronavirus (COVID-19) Announcement: We are suspending in-person support services

Due to ongoing coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) developments, IWORK4ME has taken the decision to suspend our in-person Business Mentoring service. We have taken this decision with the best interests of people who use our services at heart, recognising the need for social distancing as a way of protecting the health and wellbeing of those who are vulnerable in society.

Can I still get support with the launch of my business?

While our in-person services are suspended, we will continue to make sure you can get support in the following ways:

By online meeting:

If you are already receiving support from our teams, please contact Sue (07702 812987) to arrange an online meeting via the Zoom application.  It is extremely user-friendly!

We are scheduling meetings on Wednesdays with availability at 11.00am; 12.30pm and 2 pm. The meetings will last 40 minutes. Wherever possible both Sue and Bryce will join the meeting with you (and anyone else you would like to attend.) Action points will be agreed and included in meeting notes sent to you after the meeting by email.

If you are NOT already receiving support from our staff, we are currently reviewing our ability to take on new clients as we are operating at capacity.  If you feel our service may benefit you, please get in touch by email:

When will in-person support be available again?

As coronavirus is a changing situation, we are unable to let you know when we can provide in-person support. However, we are reviewing this on a regular basis and will continue to share updates on how our services are provided and how you can get support. Stay up to date on what we’re doing by following us on social media, and checking our website.

Where can I stay up to date on coronavirus developments?

For up to date information on coronavirus, go to

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